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What is the difference between Strategic Communication, PR, PA and Digital Marketing?

What is the difference between Strategic Communication, Public Relations, Public Affairs, and Digital Marketing? Although there are slight differences between the government practices of Strategic Communication and Public Affairs and the civilian practices of Public Relations and Digital Marketing, there is also a lot of overlap and lessons that can be applied across these disciplines.

Regulating Tech Companies

The subject of regulating tech companies has been a sustained topic in mainstream media over the last several years. The topic gained and continued its momentum stemming from several incidents. Here are some of the recent incidents that have increased political awareness: – The use of consumer and demographic data collected from Facebook by Cambridge

C4E: France’s Macron calls NATO brain dead

A Communicate For Effect (C4E) post is an analysis using public information on how leaders and organizations achieve, or intend to achieve, effects through communication activities.  In an interview with the Economist dated November 7, 2019, French President Emmanuel Macron said the NATO Alliance had suffered “brain death,” said the Alliance could no longer coordinate

The Top 10 Content Creation Sites

Unless you have your own media production capability, content creation can be a challenge, especially if your personal creativity skills are lacking. After you have planned your campaign, identified and researched your audiences, and transitioned into the preparation phase, you may discover that the content you had in mind is harder to create than initially

Welcome to 46alpha (v2)

In 2008, I began blogging and experimenting with social media. It was an exciting time because every week there seemed to be a new site going up or going under. You never knew which site was going to be the next big thing. I eventually migrated to the handle 46alpha (46A) on all my sites,

TEST: Podcast Commo Check

COMING SOON: Communicate For Effect is a look at the world of communication in both the public and private sectors. Topics include Strategic Communications, Public Affairs, Public Relations, Information Warfare, Cyber, Digital Marketing, Social Media, current events and more.  

Environmental Scanning for Effective Communication

The information environment is constantly changing and it requires the communication planner to continually reassess the strategic context of the organization he or she is working for. Detailed communication plans can take weeks and perhaps months to develop, but what may have been a viable communication plan several weeks ago could quickly become outdated based

The Emergent Strategy

Henry Mintzberg’s 1994 book The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning is well worth a read if you have never read it. It is probably the most influential work published by the Canadian academic who has a long history of contributions to organizational theory. One of the reasons it is so good is that it

Is G+ worth adding?

I was interested in seeing what Google + was all about just like the rest of the techno-social-media-geek world was. After receiving an invite and working on it a day or two, my initial impression was that it was just GoogleBook. Yet another stream of information, links, funny photos and videos, people talking about Google