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Marketing with the networked TV

Just read a post in macrumors that is bringing the networked TV rumor out yet again. The jist of it is that Apple is working on an actual Apple TV, not the small box currently called the ‘Apple TV’, but an actual TV. If I remember correctly, some of the futurists were saying that someday

Mac Web Ads

The Mac ads on various websites that use both the header location and the side rectangle, I must say, are pretty clever when I first saw them. Adverbox has a screen clip of the of the first ones to come out. Im surprised I haven’t seen more companies use this technique yet. Also along the

Welcome to 46alpha

Welcome to my new site. I have been blogging about public relations and communications from the perspective of a ‘civilian’ because quite frankly, it was easier to experiment with all these sites when I was just ‘Mike Nicholson’ as opposed to ‘Major Mike Nicholson’. Additionally, social media and the military have had a slow start