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How Designers Think

We are starting the Design portion of the curriculum here at SAMS, and to kick things off we had an orientation to the topic of Design by some of the members of Populous, a global design practice with an office in Kansas City. Populous, among other things, was responsible for the LiveStrong Stadium here in

Vicksburg Staff Ride

I spent the last week in Vicksburg, Mississippi on a staff ride with my SAMS class. We spent the week prior in preparation, looking at the history and context of the campaign, and studying one of the more prominent individuals on either the Confederate or Union side. I was assigned to be Gen William T.

How to work for a S.O.B.

My instructor has a 1963 version of the Army Officers Guide, and in it there is a section titled “How to Work for an S.O.B” Given that this was published in 1963, many of the senior military leaders at the time were likely veterans of WWII and/or Korea. There was no recognition of PTSD for

The Early Bird…Social Media Style is a social media site that creates a daily, online newspaper by aggregating the posts of your Twitter or Facebook friends. I learned about it several months ago after seeing a number of Twitter posts that looked like “The MY NAME HERE Daily is out! Top Stories by LINK LINK and LINK.” I didn’t

CSI Publication: The Army & the Media in the 20th Century

I’m in the process of identifying a topic for my SAMS monograph, and wanted to pass on a great 100+ page book from the Combat Studies Institute titled The US Army and the Media in the 20th Century. I originally grabbed the book off a shelf at the CARL library here on Leavenworth earlier this

ArmyLive design needs more tweaking

  I havent checked ArmyLive in awhile, the official blog of the U.S. Army, but when I did yesterday I noticed some changes – and I don’t think for the better. There are a series of items across the top which don’t look like they belong. After clicking around I discovered that they are categories

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Photo Courtesy of the U.S. Army Flickr Photostream It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Part of it is because I’ve been extremely busy at work finishing up ILE and for the past 2 months, the Red Team Leader Course (which was excellent by the way). The other part of it is, as previously

Red Team

What the heck is Red Team?!? That was my question when I first got to CGSC and my classmates and I were discussing our upcoming electives. Red Team is a course run on Fort Leavenworth by the University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies. There are several courses, the primary one being an 18-week course,

Communicating Soft Power

“A majority of military officers — especially the mid-career officers in the O-4 and O-5 paygrades — support giving more money and strategic emphasis to nonmilitary initiatives such as diplomacy and economic development in order to advance U.S. security interests, according to a recent poll.” Army Times, 27 September, 2010. I have a great deal

The First Television President

I just spent the afternoon at the Eisenhower Presidential Library in Abilene, Kansas, and have some good PA-related information on our first “Television President”. There were a number of quotes and information signs along the tour, so I’ll just post them below: The First Televised Campaign (Information Board) Television shaped the 1952 Eisenhower campaign in