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Who would you go off-the-record with?

Under what circumstances and with whom would you go “off-the-record” or “on background” with? On the record, on background, not for attribution and off the record: These are prearranged agreements between a reporter and a source, which govern how specific information can be used. These deals must be agreed to beforehand, never after. A source

We need better Infographics

A number of things have caught my attention recently that gives me the opinion that we need better infographics capabilities in the Army. An Infographic is a visual representation of data, information, knowledge or processes, and we use it all time. The above Powerpoint slide was in a brief to Gen McChrystal and recently made

‘Checking In’ with location-based social media

The following was a piece written for and can be seen here. ‘Geo’ is this year’s Twitter If 2009 was the year of Twitter, then 2010 is ramping up to be the year of location-based social media services. Geo-location services like Foursquare, Brightkite and Gowalla have rapidly been adopted by users, and many of the sites you’ve

StartUp Weekend

I spent some time this past weekend at the Kansas City StartUp Weekend. Startup Weekend is a non-profit organization that provides “networking, resources and incentives for individuals and teams to from idea to launch.” They go around to major cities all over the world setting up these weekend events. I had never

Principles of War and Communication

We are discussing Jomini, Clausewitz, and a number of other military theorists right now, and the Principles of War are a frequent topic of discussion. I like to try and take other frameworks and apply them to communication as a means of articulating better what we do. So can we apply the Principles of War

Social sites and usefulness

Whenever I sign up for a new social media site and play around with it for 5 minutes, I always ask myself is it useful or not? Some social media sites are useful, some are a waist of time, and some of them are somewhere in between. So during a discussion today, the question was

Communicating WWI

I went to the National WWI Museum in Kansas City yesterday as part of a CGSC-ILE class on multi-national operations. If you have never been there, I would highly recommend it. It is a top-notch facility that really brings to life the history of the events that led up to WWI, the war and the

U.S. Army’s Social Media Best Practices (2010)

Just saw this via Col Kevin Arata’s Facebook feed and wanted to get it out on the blog. Col. Arata is the Director of the Army’s Online and Social Media Division (a job I would love to have someday). There is some good stuff in here and it is worth a look. You can view

The Sweet Spot

Since I got my iPhone, I’ve been experimenting with some new things. Im trying to be a bit more mobile-friendly and see just what I can do via the phone. Im also thinking more about ‘streams’. Because of that, I’ve been tweaking some things. So first thing is I’ve tweaked my blog theme a bit.

Crowdsourcing my Thesis Topic

Im working on a Masters of Military Arts and Science here at the Command and General Staff College, and my thesis topic is obviously going to be something related to Public Affairs. I have a couple ideas in mind, but wanted to get your input. Is there a relevant PA topic that no one is