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Should we have PAO’s dedicated to regions?

Foreign Area Officers (FAO) receive region training and language qualification. Civil Affairs does the same thing. Why not Public Affairs? I say ‘yes’, and here are a couple reasons why. Part of the new Afghanistan-Pakistan strategy is developing a ‘seasoned corps of expert officers‘, giving them language and cultural training and them assigning them to

“Look to the future…”

My kids are on a ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’ kick lately, so I’ve watched it several (hundred) times over the past month. I get a good laugh out of the greedy Mayor, voiced by Bruce Campbell, who is always ‘looking to the future’. He tries to find ways to increase the status of

Social Media and attitudes on release

Social media means much more than just Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. It has changed what ‘timely’ means when we talk about ‘accurate and timely’ release of information. The general public expects much more information and transparency from organizations now, and the new norm is that information is released in real-time as it is happening. In my opinion,

The Media Snack

If our primary focus is the web, then our products need to be better tailored for the web. To me, this means that just about everything needs to be shorter than what we typically produce. People just don’t read lengthy articles anymore. It takes too long and people are generally too busy. Short and sweet

An iPhone for every PAO

If I were the Public Affairs King for a day, that is what I would do. Every Officer, NCO and Soldier working in Public Affairs would get an iPhone. Here are some reasons why: Reason #1: Imagery. Always able to have the ability to get still photos and/or video. 3 megapixels on the iPhone ain’t

‘Social Media’ or ‘Collaborative Media’?

This is how my mind typically works. I take in a lot of information, read a lot online, listen to podcasts, watch videos. Usually all the information just simmers for awhile, and then a week or two later I have some new idea or thought based off things that I previously heard the week before.

Public Affairs 2.0: A visual depiction

So here is my ‘Public Affairs 2.0′ poster. It is a 27X37 inch file, but of course can be reduced to print out at whatever size you want. I have placed two links below that allows you to download the high resolution jpg and png files. Background. I have a poster of Brian Solis’ The

The Unit Twitter account

I got a kick out of the recent CNN article on the different types of annoying Facebook users, as if the author’s way was the only way to ‘correctly’ use Facebook. The truth is,  there is no right or wrong way to use all these social media tools. There are different techniques, but what might

Buy a coin for a good cause

**image taken from Jamie McIntyre, former CNN Senior Pentagon Correspondent and currently blogging for at, is auctioning off his coin from his days at the Pentagon for T.A.P.S. – Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors. TAPS is a great program that provides 24/7 support and counseling for family members of fallen servicemen and

Providing a digital umbrella

There are two military sites out there that in my opinion are missing the mark, and both for the same reason. TroopTube and ArmyStrongStories are both good ideas that are somewhat flawed in their execution because they don’t capitalize on the tools and capabilities that are already out there and being used by Soldiers everyday.