Hello World…the 46alpha Website

In 2005, I began experimenting more with social media. As I added new accounts, I consistently used 46alpha as my handle. In addition to all the social media accounts, I also maintained a blog with the 46alpha URL. I used the site to primarily write about Army-related communication topics, but also as a means to learn about blogging, websites, and all the behind-the-scenes work that was required.


I did this for several years, got noticed when I was short-handed in my Public Affairs office and started to use Soldier-Generated Content to populate a Brigade blogsite, and grew a small following of like-minded Public Affairs Officers who understood the potential of social media before it was officially approved for use by the Department of Defense in 2010.


I eventually stopped writing and closed most of the accounts as the cultures of old-school Army leaders and of those embracing these new communication mediums continued to clash even after DoD approval. Moving into the higher field grade ranks and clashing with your more senior supervisors is not positively looked upon. A screenshot of that site on the last day is attached to this article.


Fast forward to 2018, and I am on the road to retirement after a successful Army career. As I begin to pivot out of uniform and transition from Public Affairs into Public Relations and Marketing, I’m starting to dust off these social media accounts and update them to be relevant in the private sector.


Even though the content on these newly updated sites will be directed towards a wider audience, I will continue to use the 46alpha handle. It is how I got my start in the business and gave me a good foundation with which to transition into the world of corporate communications. I hope you will find the content that I post on this site relevant and useful to you in some way.

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