Develop a strategy that serves as a road-map and helps guide communication activities to achieve common organizational objectives.

  • Understand the Strategic Context
  • Determine the desired end-state
  • Conduct a Target Audience Analysis and identify desired effects
  • Design a communication campaign that takes into account resources and communication channels


Gather your tools, create content and schedule posts to help improve your ability to effectively execute each phase of the communication strategy.

  • Website Optimization, SEO and Keyword research
  • Content Creation, schedule social media posts and prepare other Inbound Marketing methods
  • Prepare digital advertising, press releases and other Outbound Marketing methods
  • ┬áRevise and improve the plan


Put the plan into action and watch your communication activities drive engagement, growth and greater awareness of your organization.

  • Execute your inbound and outbound communication methods
  • Track effectiveness with snapshot reports while the campaigns are in progress
  • Monitor engagement by your audience and make adjustments if necessary
  • Build and maintain momentum and exploit success


Use reports to track engagement, understand performance and realize the impact you are having on your target audience.

  • Review your goals at the end of the campaign to see whether you fell short or exceeded expectations
  • Analyze individual channel metrics to identify success and failure
  • Analyze holistic metrics and look for ways to improve in the future
  • Start developing subsequent communication campaigns utilizing your new lessons learned