The Early Bird…Social Media Style is a social media site that creates a daily, online newspaper by aggregating the posts of your Twitter or Facebook friends. I learned about it several months ago after seeing a number of Twitter posts that looked like “The MY NAME HERE Daily is out! Top Stories by LINK LINK and LINK.” I didn’t

‘Checking In’ with location-based social media

The following was a piece written for and can be seen here. ‘Geo’ is this year’s Twitter If 2009 was the year of Twitter, then 2010 is ramping up to be the year of location-based social media services. Geo-location services like Foursquare, Brightkite and Gowalla have rapidly been adopted by users, and many of the sites you’ve

The Unit Twitter account

I got a kick out of the recent CNN article on the different types of annoying Facebook users, as if the author’s way was the only way to ‘correctly’ use Facebook. The truth is,  there is no right or wrong way to use all these social media tools. There are different techniques, but what might

Misrepresentation: Use of a Soldiers photo while selling the Trump Network

A week ago, I noticed in my Twitter stream a profile photo of a Soldier and the contents of the tweets were all related to selling the Donald Trump network. @DanC01 has a profile picture of an Army Specialist (E-4) and at the time all of his posts were about making money with the Trump

“Apparently it is very important”

Hard to believe that it has only been a week since the Iran election and subsequent explosion of social media as the primary method for getting information out there. You cannot turn on any of the major news networks without hearing the anchors talk about Twitter, Youtube and Facebook. Everyone in the social media world

And the next big thing in ‘new media’ is…

A recent post on ReadWriteWeb says that Paul Buchheit, the man that built Google’s Gmail and Adsense, says that real-time, multi-person conversations is the ‘next big thing’. I made a quick joke about this on my Twitter account about everything coming full circle. We have all these web tools like blogs, twitter, video conferencing, etc,

The race to 1 Million Twitter followers

Actor Ashton Kutcher and CCN are in a semi-competitive duel right now; a race to 1 million followers on Twitter. I find myself this morning strangely interested in it today. There is a page tracking the number of followers for each in real-time (link), it is in the news (link), Kuther has been providing updates

Your Twitter ‘influence ratio’: is it just about your numbers?

I got a Tweet the other day and it was from someone I did not know in a field I was not interested in. The post said something to the affect of ‘I have followed you, now follow me and then unfollow in order to complete the opt-out process’. When I started my Twitter account,