Welcome to 46alpha (v2)1 min read

In 2008, I began blogging and experimenting with social media. It was an exciting time because every week there seemed to be a new site going up or going under. You never knew which site was going to be the next big thing.

I eventually migrated to the handle 46alpha (46A) on all my sites, which is the functional area designator for a U.S. Army Public Affairs Officer. My posts were a combination of personal and professional. It was a #MilBlog before the term became popular. Over the years, my writing and social media posts have fluctuated depending upon where I was and what I was doing. I turned off my WordPress site around 2011, and except for some personal social sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, I have kept the 46alpha sites mostly on the back burner.

I am now in the process of starting all of them up again.

This site has some, but not all, of my previous posts that I wrote in the very beginning. Like when I began in 2008, I have a fuzzy vision of where I would like to take these platforms now in 2019, but rather than explain this fuzzy vision I’d rather just get started.

I look forward to the process and the engagement with all the professionals out there.