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Do you have a unique perspective on the field of communication? If so, we are accepting article submissions from guest posts on 46alpha.


Helping Others. Highlight your ideas, lessons learned, techniques or procedures for others to learn from.
Exposure. Utilize the 46alpha platform to reach a larger audience.
Connections. Meet other professionals that share your interests.

Guidelines for Guest Post Articles

Audience. The primary audience for submissions is leaders and professionals, in both the public and private sectors, that have interests in the fields of Strategic Communication, Public Relations, Public Affairs or Digital Marketing.
Unique Voice. Take a unique perspective on your topic.
Word Count. For a guide, the recommended word count for readability is 350 words. The average webpage that ranks high on Google search engines has 2200 words. Length can vary depending upon your topic, so be deliberate in choosing what you say and how you say it. “Omit needless words.” – William Strunk Jr.
Links. Make sure you cite your references and provide links when necessary. You are welcome to provide links to your website, social media account(s) or other related sources.
Imagery. Each article needs to have an image submitted. All images need to be royalty-free and/or free-for-use and licensed under Creative Commons. If you have an article ready but not an image, please let us know and we can provide some resources.
Promotion. Feel free to provide links to your sites and offerings, but content should not be promotional only.


• Submit articles in a Word document and imagery to info@46alpha.com.
• Not all articles submitted will be featured on 46alpha. We will notify you and provide the article link if your submission is selected for publication.

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