I'm Mike Nicholson

I started 46ALPHA as a personal milblog in 2008 while working as an Army Public Affairs Officer (46A) and this site has continued to evolve over the years.

46ALPHA is now focused on the planning, preparation, execution, and assessment of digital communication strategies that connect with a target audience, impact attitudes, achieves goals while promoting and protecting an organization’s brand and reputation.

I primarily write about:

 • Digital Communication Strategy

 • Campaign Design

 • Operations and Tactics

 •Analytics and Assessments

My perspectives have been heavily influenced by my military career (LinkedIn), but I continue the self-improvement process and sharing what I know and learn here. I’m interested in individuals and organizations that have a positive impact and collaborating with teams of diverse, creative, adaptive, thinkers and doers that like to solve problems.

I hope you can use this site useful as a reference and feel free to reach out.

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