Help businesses and organizations to plan, prepare, execute, and assess communication strategies that connect with a target audience, impact attitudes and behaviors, and protects the brand.

Who We Are

We are a new, independent public relations and digital marketing firm that partners with businesses and organizations to help effectively communicate to clients, customers and stakeholders. With over 18 years of experience in the field, 46alpha is newly opened veteran-owned, values-based, and family-run business.

We’re a growing company with a unique perspective that provides personalized solutions and we’re eager to earn your business.

What We Do

Strategic Communication. We can develop holistic communication plans that combine marketing and public relations strategies, channels and tactics to create a unified experience for those interacting the business or organization. (COMING SOON)

Public Relations / Public Affairs. We provide traditional public relation services to public and private organizations that builds mutually beneficial relationships between the organizations, their stakeholders and their publics. (COMING SOON)

Digital Marketing. We use the inbound methodology to attract your target audience by providing valuable content through social media and email marketing, PPC, search engine optimization and website development.


Our Goal is to be