“I help plan, prepare, execute, and assess digital communication strategies that connect with a target audience, impact attitudes, and achieve goals while promoting and protecting an organization’s brand and reputation.”

Digital Communication Strategy

The iterative planning process to define and refine the long-term communication goals and objectives that are integrated with the organization’s overall strategy.

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Analytics and Assessment

The measurable values of a communication plan to help track performance, monitor progress towards goals, and make informed decisions about refinements to the campaign or strategy.

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Campaign Design

A line of effort using your website, social media, email, Ads/PPC, and other PR functions to reach an intended audience about a topic, and achieve a SMART goal in support of an overall strategic objective.

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Digital Communication Operations is the production of dynamic, optimized, and useful content across a variety of platforms, using paid, earned, shared, and owned media, to positively impact attitudes. Campaigns designed around the Inbound Website, Social Media, Email, Advertisements/PPC, and other PR functions to achieve communication goals and enable the sales process.

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