Strategic Communication

Intel Report

Start with a comprehensive intelligence report that looks at competitors in your marketspace and provides an in-depth analysis on the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for how to better position your company.

Listening Post

We’ll monitor mass media and listen to conversations in social media to have a better understanding of how your message is being received, and help you determine when to engage and when to adjust your message for maximum effect.

Target Audience Analysis

A Target Audience Analysis (TAA) is a comprehensive look at your current and prospective clients, identify how they interact with and perceive your company, and improve their overall experience.

Red Team

A Red Team Analysis is a targeted examination of an organizational issue by an external, third party in order to provide honest, unfiltered feedback that may not be apparent to those inside the organization. A Red Team Analysis makes the organization stronger.

Campaign Plan

The campaign plan provides a long-term roadmap with short, mid, and long-term goals that aligns all your paid, earned, shared and owned media activities towards achieving a strategic communication objective.


With all your KPIs and analytics in one place, assessments are conducted at regular intervals to provide the necessary feedback, help determine when to make course corrections, and maximize the effectiveness of the campaign plan.

A holistic, integrated communication strategy