The Next Mission

We help veteran and milspouse entrepreneurs by providing them the information, tools, and resources to digitally market their business and attract their ideal clients and customers.

Information on digital marketing “doctrine” and tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) to help make the best marketing decisions.


Online tools for any budget that assist with all aspects of the marketing strategy and help you attract the ideal client or customer.
Resources for those of us in the military community looking to start a business or take their current business to the next level.

Veteran Resources

The Business Plan


The planning skills you have learned from your time in the military are extremely valuable. Research and planning can cost little to no money and will help focus your efforts. Remember, the plan is nothing but planning is everything!


During this phase, take all that you have learned while planning and cycle through your business process from both the owners and clients perspective. You may gain insight from this ‘wargame’ to help refine your plan.


The execution phase is when it’s time to take your plan, put it to action and open for business. You may not have accounted for everything in the planning phase, but you’ve had lots of experience being flexible to help make adjustments.


Just like after a military operation, you should assess your business operations at regular intervals. Look at your product or service, management, finances, and utilize us to help with your marketing plan.

The Marketing Plan

The marketing plan is what we are here to help you with. Each business is unique and you can scale your marketing efforts as your business grows. We can show you how to start on a shoestring and then how to scale up to the recommended 10% of your companies gross revenue for your marketing budget. Remember that most clients will typically not be connected to the military so now is the time to adjust your communication style so that you are reaching your ideal customer.

Content Marketing 25%
Email Marketing 10%
Paid Ads 25%
Public Relations 20%
Website 20%