“If you’re a Veteran or MilSpouse Entrepreneur, this is the place for tools, information, and resources to digitally market your business.”

Information on digital marketing “doctrine” and tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) to help make the best marketing decisions.

Online tools for any budget that assist with all aspects of the marketing strategy and help attract the ideal client or customer.

Resources for those in the military community looking to start a business or take their current business to the next level.

The business plan isn’t a document that you develop and then walk away from. It is a tool to help you think through all the aspects of starting a business. The hours spent during the planning phase is money saved during the execution phase. Download a free business plan template to help you get started.

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The communication plan helps you connect with a target audience to tell your story, drive growth, and build and maintain trust and confidence in your brand.  Download a free marketing eBook to help you get started. confidence in your brand.  Download a free marketing eBook to help you get started.

Coming Soon

My goal is to provide the tools and resources to help you plan, prepare, execute, and assess your digital communication strategy. I’m doing this in a veteran-friendly framework, putting information in terms that may be better understood by those of us that have been indoctrinated into the life and language of our Armed Forces – Intel, Plans, and  Operations. By focusing on the inbound marketing doctrine and operations of an inbound website, social media marketing, email marketing, paid advertisements, search engine optimization (SEO), and Digital PR, you should be able to attract the right customers to your business.



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